DMCA Policy of Thinksliker Web Site.

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Policy – Thinks Liker (

Think Liker’s web site has a DMCA policy that guides and deals with copyright infringement. The purpose of this policy is to coordinate with general editors and users in listing ways to ensure a healthy and respectful approach to copyright infringement content.

Legal process for copyright infringement:

1. If you are a particular copyright owner and submit a violation of your copyright rights to ThinksLiker, you may submit a DMCA request to us. To process this you can follow the information provided by us which is mentioned below.

2. To prove the violation of copyright rights:

You may provide us with the following information as evidence of copyright infringement.

Your name, address, phone number and email address.

A brief description of your copyrighted activity and the URL or other numbered information of the referenced content.

A support that helps to prove the ownership of the copyrighted content of Khulamat content, if you are not aware of the copyright infringement.

A signature indicates that you are the copyright owner and understand that you are responsible for authenticity.

3. In terms of providing proof of disclosure of violation:

Proof of disclosure of violation must always be provided in appropriate language, otherwise we may not accept the request.

4. Removal of Violating Content or Other Actions:

We will continue to make every effort to remove any copyright infringing material on Thinks Liker’s web site and to cooperate closely with the violator.

In accordance with this policy, you may follow certain procedures regarding copyright infringement through the ThinkLiker web site and provide proof of disclosure of your well-known or ownership of the content.

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