Thinksliker Web Site Copyright Policy.

The Thinks Liker ( web site copyright policy covers the following essentials:

1. Fundamental Rights:

All content, associated logos, designs, and other fundamental resources and publishing rights of the Thinks Liker web site are reserved and no person or organization may use this content and fundamental rights without their permission.

2. Copyright Rights:

All content and information on the Thinks Liker web site is subject to copyright laws. No content or information from the Site may be used by any other website, platform, or publication without permission.

3. Limited use:

Any content and information on the Thinks Liker web site may not be used freely or without permission. This content or information is provided to users only.

4. Disclosure and author’s permission:

Articles and other content published on the ThinkLiker web site are provided with permission from the author. This text and content may not be published or used in any other site or publication without the author’s permission.

5. Return publication:

If any content of the Thinks Liker web site is used on another site or publication, it is necessary to mention it and contact Thinks Liker immediately.

Any unnecessary copyright infringement or use on the Thinks Liker web site is not acceptable without the above mentioned copyright policy and consent of the users. Use of this site is expected to be subject to copyright protection.

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